1. Juni 2017

Jess Fuller at CANADA and Rick Briggs at ORTEGA Y GASSET PROJECTS

Veröffentlicht am 25.05.2017
James Kalm is out for his Sunday afternoon cultural constitutional, dogging the neighborhoods of the Lower East Side and the Gowanus District in Brooklyn. With this program, viewers might get a chance to compare a couple of current examples of the new “Casualism” the “Provisional” or even the much lamented “crap on crap” modes of contemporary abstract painting. Jess Fuller’s “Bertha”, is a new selection of paintings by this Brooklyn based artist. With these works, Fuller brings the qualities of the cotton duck ground into the spotlight. Her technique involves brushing, pouring, staining, bleeding and “smushing” the canvas to give these pictures a rough and rumpled sense of being “lived in” while manipulating conventional notions of paint application, and collage.
Rick Briggs has been an integral part of the Williamsburg painting clan since the early 1980s. While working as a high end house painter, Briggs has also perused a career as a fine artist, and derives many of his approaches to contemporary abstraction via his everyday job. This empirical approach to the methods and materials of painting, give the work a brevity and whimsy that may pertain to one of the few shared sensibilities that marks many painters within the Williamsburg tribe as something unique. A musical introduction is provided by DOMINO and was recorded on Broadway in Lower Manhattan. This program was recorded May 21, 2017.
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