27. November 2013

Richard Timperio "Color Me Gone" at JANET KURNATOWSKI GALLERY

Veröffentlicht am 25.11.2013
Richard Timperio has been a activating force in the Williamsburg arts community for decades. With his Sideshow Gallery, a Brooklyn bellwether venue, he's presented hundreds of artists, and provided exhibition opportunities for people denied exposure by the "Manhattan Establishment". As a fan of "Car Culture", and classic Rock-n-Roll, Timperio's paintings have all the punch of a top fuel dragster, or the amplified urgency of a three cord riff. Using watered-down acrylic on paper and unprimed canvas, Timperio states his painting practice is "like a performance", where the artist has to get it right in "one shot". In this program, Richard Timperio gives an extended interview and tour of his show "Color Me Gone".

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