3. Mai 2017

Albert Oehlen BUSTED, Entang Wiharso at STRAUS, Dawn Clements at PIEROGI

Veröffentlicht am 25.04.2017
James Kalm has, since the inception of this video project, been in a running battle with the elitist forces, both overt and covert, that seek to exert control over the dissemination of cultural information. In the last twelve years, despite the progress that’s been made, there are still barriers that demand to be breached. So whenever your correspondent sees exhibitions he deems important he attempts to bring viewers along for virtual tours. Albert Oehlen is considered by many authorities to be one of the most significant abstract painters in Europe, and this is his most recent effort. Unfortunately, the security at Gagosian Gallery closed down your reporter’s attempt at documentation, which says a lot about this gallery’s regard for the general and specifically online art viewing public.

Back on the Lower East Side, more congenial venues see the value and display a generosity in which they allow totally open documentation. Entang Wiharso’s “Promising Land” at Mark Straus is an impressive display of painted aluminum wall releifs. Deriving his imagery from a melding of classic Indonesian and Western sources, these pieces have a complex Surrealistic sense and a polished finish, echoing the luxury cars that many of the works portray.

Dawn Clements presents “Tables and pills and things” at Pierogy. Over the last two decades Clements has received critical and institutional attention for her massive collage drawings. With this outing, the artist has devoted herself to beautifully rendered watercolor studies of everyday objects. Many of these works were made during Clement’s recent stay in Italy while attending her Prix de Rome residency.
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