25. Mai 2017

Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends at THE MUSEUM of MODERN ART

Veröffentlicht am 23.05.2017
James Kalm experienced an artistic come to Jesus moment when he discovered the work of Robert Rauschenberg. In the mid 1970’s, your correspondent returned from nearly three years in Europe, and was eager to begin his journey in the art world. The work of Rauschenberg, who was considered the most recognized artist in America at the time, bore a resemblance to that of Kurt Schwitters, and yet had the added conceptual complication of Marcel Duchamp. This Exhibition, the largest since the artist’s death in 2008, covers over fifty years of his out put, and presents some his greatest masterpieces. With a diversified approach to media, method, mode and style, and a range of works in painting, collage, assemblage, sculpture, drawing, dance, photography and performance, this show will do much to reestablish the seminal importance of Robert Rauschenberg, as the most influential American artist of the twentieth century.
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