16. Juli 2017

Summer Breaks, Rethinking Traditional Painting at JOSHUA LINER

Veröffentlicht am 14.07.2017
James Kalm seeks to escape from the sweltering afternoon heat in the studio. So, at around 6:30, he hops on his trusty bike and pedals through a light drizzle to the northern end of Chelsea. “Summer Breaks, Rethinking Traditional Painting” at Joshua Liner is an exhibition title designed to catch any paint-head’s attention. This summer group show is a tightly curated presentation of works, some using technical or material innovations, and others exploring the more conceptual domains of painting’s history, tradition and codes. Viewers will get glances of works by: Alfred Steiner, Michael Kagan, Libby Black, David Henry Nobody, Mathew Zefeldt, Andrew Schoultz, Evan, Paul Wackers, Hecox, Sam Friedman, Sebastian Wahl, Wayne White, Tony Curanaj, Hilary Pecis, John Gordon Gauld, Matthew Hansel and Aaron Johnson. A musical introduction is provided by The Connections. This program was recorded July 13, 2017, in Chelsea.
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