31. Dezember 2017

Smoke - Everything (1973)

So theres not much info out there about this obscure San Francisco band, most people know them for the first track "Shelda" which has been sampled heavily by its deep psychedelic grooves. The rest of the album is just as eccletic and unique really, truly having a little bit of "everything": latinesque psychedelic soul rhythms with a thick jazzy curtain enveloping the whole thing . Hopefully more ears will catch on to this and people will play some new music inspired by it, sit back and enjoy :) 1. Shelda (0:00) 2. Lobotomy (5:27) 3. Everything (9:48) 4. Griffo (20:54) 5. Nite Song (23:15) 6. Miss Shirley (29:13) 7. Curtis (36:34) Drums – Akira Tana Percussion – Garry Griffieth Guitar/Bass – Bobb Bragg Harp – Hakim Ali Muhammad Organ – Danny Daniels Piano – Curtis Clark Alto Saxophone , Clarinet , Vocals – Hardy Dedmann Vibraphone, Leader – Woodi Webb Violin/Double Bass – Kenny Jenkins Vocals – Lani Wilson, Shirley Puckett I do not own any copyright so if it needs to be removed, I will remove it, its all in the purpose of educational rediscovery.

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