31. Dezember 2017

Henry Cow - In Praise of Learning (Full Album)

Tracklist: 0:00 War 2:25 Living in the Heart of the Beast 17:56 Beginning The Long March 24:23 Beautiful as the Moon - Terrible as an Army with Banners 31:25 Morning Star Label: Virgin Credtis: Tim Hodgkinson: organ, clarinet, piano, writer Fred Frith: guitar, violin, xylophone, piano, writer John Greaves: bass, piano Chris Cutler: drums, radio, writer Dagmar: vocals Anthony Moore: piano, writer, electronics, tapes Lindsay Cooper: bassoon, oboe Phil Becque: producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, oscillator Henry Cow: producer, writer Slapp Happy: producer, writer Peter Blegvad: guitar, vocals, clarinet, writer Geoff Leigh: soprano saxophone Mongezi Feza: trumpet Simon Heyworth: engineer

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