28. September 2016

McDermott & McGough Velvet Rage, Flaming Youth, and the Gift of Desperation at JAMES FUENTES

Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2016
James Kalm drops in for a last minute round-up view of the opening of “Velvet Rage, Flaming Youth, and the Gift of Desperation”. As the exhilarating and tragic decade of the 1980s begins to recede into a mere speck on the distant horizon of time, so too, for the art world, does the legendary thrall of the East Village also diminish. But with this, their first exhibition with James Fuentes Gallery, the time traveling duo of McDermott & McGough seem to laugh at the idea of chronology, trends and any temporal constraints. Having come to prominence during the EV heyday, these Edwardian dandies are back on familiar ground presenting paintings that meld queer theory, art historical mash-ups, and painting tropes galore. All this is presented with the pair’s whimsical yet biting humor, and high tech proficiency. A musical introduction is provided by Rasheed and the Jazz Collective. This program was recorded on September 16, 2016 on New York’s Lower East Side.

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