30. Dezember 2015

Brice Marden: New Paintings and Drawings at MATTHEW MARKS GALLERY

Veröffentlicht am 23.12.2015
James Kalm had glanced in the front window of Mathew Marks Gallery a week before visiting this show. Seeing these large monochrome paintings, he assumed this might be a retrospective. Upon returning, and reading the press release, he realized this was an exhibition of recent paintings, and that it represented a new direction in the work of this American Master. "New Paintings and Drawings" is composed of several major paintings, some single pieces others multi paneled, that employ a limited palette of deep toned hues, rectangular canvases that have been divided into an upper near square section of obsessively worked pigment and a lower rectangular margin that exposes the physical properties of paint and the process of fabrication. Accompanying the paintings are drawings depicting rhythmic fields of glyphs, and punctuation like symbols, alluding to the underlying structures of the compositions. A musical introduction is provided by Hollywood Anderson and was recorded on the Grand Central/Time Square subway shuttle. This program was recorded December 19, 2015 in Chelsea.

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