28. April 2015

"TIME FLIES LIKE A BANANA" Ron Ewert, Greg Ito and Josh Reams at JOHANNES VOGT

Veröffentlicht am 27.04.2015
James Kalm spends a lot of time out in the streets, sniffing around to bring viewers glimpses of contemporary New York art happenings. Once your cultural hound dog catches the scent he's off on the hunt. So it is with "Time FliesLlike a Banana" a three person show at Johannes Vogt. "Post Analogue" a provocatively themed exhibition at the Hole Gallery brought the work of Josh Reams to your correspondents attention. Seeing that name in the listings of gallery openings motivated Kalm to bike it to Chelsea for a look. This program is a brief walkthrough of this show with a look as some sculptures of "cakes" and "blinds" with studded jewelry by Greg Ito, and stark black gesso paintings that comingle goofy figuration with formalistic sophistication by Ron Ewert.

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