29. März 2014

Kevin Coyne - Tell The Truth (Politicz - 1982)

Tell the Truth (Kevin Coyne/Steve Bull - 1982) (PØLITICZ)

Have you heard the story about Robin Hood?

Now Robin Hood was really good

He fed the poor to feed the rich

He didn't do a thing the bitch

Heard the story about Guru Christ?

He was a man infested with lice

He thought he was really nice

But where is he now, we need him now

We need him now

Tell the truth (x8)

Hear the story about Josef K

A man who had his day

A lion in his lair

A man who knew anywhere

He could control your soul he said

Now that man is really dead

Is he dead? Dead. He's dead. Is he dead?

Tell the truth (repeat)

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