27. Februar 2017

"Scared little girl!" Whoopi Goldberg ATTACKS Trump for skipping Correspondents Dinner

Veröffentlicht am 27.02.2017
The co-hosts on Monday’s “The View” debated Donald Trump skipping the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and whether the media is too tough on the president. Watch below.

Ben Stein recently appeared on CNN and bashed the network for its treatment of Trump. But to Whoopi Goldberg, Stein is misplacing the blame. “Didn’t he set this tone years ago?” she said of the former mogul. “I mean, he really liked the media when he kept insisting Obama wasn’t born here.”

Jedediah Bila agreed, saying, “They don’t acknowledge Trump’s role in this. Russia is not a small story. Trump feeds into this.” She went on to say, “It’s one thing to have a conversation about media bias. That’s fair. We can do this. But it’s not fair to say the media is criminalizing him.”

Joy Behar theorized, “He is inoculating himself from what’s coming down [with] Russia.” She said that by “vilifying the press” now, “when all of this comes down, he can say the media lied.” But while Goldberg acknowledged, “Part of this is our own fault, because we let things go for so long,” she also said to Trump, “I have no sympathy for you, man. Stop lying to the people. And then people will stop trying to trip you up.”

After a commercial break, Goldberg brought up Trump’s decision not to attend the WHCD event. She noted that most presidents have gone in the past, and pointed out, “Reagan couldn’t attend because he was recovering from being shot, but he did call in. The new guy is saying, ‘I’m not going because they’re too mean to me.'”

Behar actually agreed with Trump’s decision to abstain. “You can’t go out and say these people are the ‘enemy’ and then go play nice with them,” she said, arguing that the president is being “consistent” in not supporting the media. But Sara Haines countered, “I don’t think it’s consistency driving it. I think it’s thin-skinned fear of what will come down on him.”

She also suggested, “I think it would be really cool of Hillary Clinton came and spoke instead… I think when he opens up a space, another leader needs to come out.” Sunny Hostin offered, “I’d like to come Alec Baldwin come in his place, personally. I think that would be hilarious.”

And Bila even said Steve Bannon should go. “He’s running the show behind the scenes,” she argued. But then Behar had another idea for what would have the “greatest impact” — “If all the previous living presidents showed up.” She explained, “All of them should show up and say, ‘This is what America is. We support the press.'”

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