11. Juni 2019

Josh Kline Climate Change: Part One at 47 CANAL

James Kalm has been aware of the threat of climate change and mankind’s environmental destruction since the early 1970s. That’s why, since then, he’s made it a daily habit to rid is bike everywhere. Although these kinds of actions are miniscule on a global scale, your correspondent has long believed that proper personal choices, when extended to the culture at large, can have a positive effect. Josh Kline’s “Climate Change: Part One” is an impressive and ambitious installation featuring several dioramic vitrines which depict through basic physical forces, like temperature and time, what a possible future world might look like. Viewers progress through a series of rooms, each with a themed sculptural tableau. Encased within the doors, and displays are the symbols of nations, and economic forces that seem to be the unthinking engines of global environmental disaster. This program was recorded June 9, 2019.

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