9. Juni 2017

Eric Fischl at SKARSTEDT Llyn Foulkes and Raymond Pettibon at ZWIRNER

Veröffentlicht am 06.06.2017
James Kalm takes a much needed break from the grind of the studio, and brings viewers along for a Saturday afternoon stroll through a pair of Chelsea’s most prestigious galleries. We pop in first to make a visual sweep of Eric Fischl’s “Late America” at Skarstedt. With this outing, Fischl returns to the subject matter that garnered him strategic critical recognition in the mid 1980s. Comprising about a half-dozen large paintings, all focusing on scenes around the American swimming pool, the artist stages scenes of psychological drama, mostly between adults, pre-pubescent children, and their pets. On to 19th Street for a sampling of two generations of Southern Californian artists with Llyn Foulkes and Raymond Pettibon. Foulkes is debuting at Zwirner in this show with examples of work spanning over fifty years of his career. The schizophrenic, dystopic vision that many of Foulkes recent pieces express is amplified by Pettibon, in this installation of numerous works on paper. Riffing on lowbrow adult cartoons, DIY album covers and nostalgic WWII and sports illustrations, Pettibon melds his images with an obsessive need for narrative, a plethora of mediums, and an exposition of the wackier and darker side of the “Left Coast”. A musical introduction is provided by Peter May. This program was recorded June 3, 2017.

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