14. Mai 2017

Jörg Immendorff at MICHAEL WERNER and George Condo at SKARSTEDT

Veröffentlicht am 12.05.2017
James Kalm is trying to get the groove back after the recent mishegas of the 2017 FREIZE weekend, and the contemporary auctions. First on the agenda of this double feature, viewers are treated to glimpses of “Jörg Immendorff’s LIDL Works and Performances from the 60s” This is a selection of some of this artists early works, while he was a student of Joseph Beuys, and are an historic reminder of how art approached the happenings in Europe in the Summer of 68. George Condo New Works presents a selection of major bronze sculpture, and paintings, with one major mural scaled work. This show exemplifies Condos continued riffing on classic Modernism, with a tongue in cheek, pseudo-naivety and spontaneous exuberance. This program was recorded May 2, 2017.
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